Project Case
Ethiopia-Club Illusion
In Ethiopia- MOOWN Beam 5r and RGB laser shining bright at Club Illusion
Macau –Grand Hyatt Hotel
In Macau – Moown Led waterproof par light 54*3W RGBW add more colors for the beautiful Grand Hyatt Hotel
In Malaysia-Stage Lighting Show
In Malaysia-MOOWN Beam Moving Head Light shines the stage

In Singapore-Applied in Wedding
In Singapore – Moown 330W 15R and 19*12W led wash zoom applied in wedding

In Shanghai-Auto Exhibition
Shanghai Automobile Exhibition has become one of the largest international auto shows after many years of development, MOOWN Products involved : LED 31*10w auto show light *300 units.
30 units Beam moving head 230w 7R and 8 units 8*12W RGBW 4in1 Spider Beam Moving Head light create a colorful atmosphere at club.