Why to choose our Snow Machine?

publisher: Cynthia
Time: 2019-10-21
Summary: Adavatage of snow machine
Why to choose our snow machine?
Welcome to order our Snow Machine – MOOWN Stage Lighting supplier of the highest quality Snow Machine to bring entertainment to your event.It suits for Christmas party,Wedding events and other large performing arts venues.
The Snow Machine has many advantages as follows:
Advantage 1:
This snow machine is exquisite and durable, with good stability and low noise. The snow particles that are sprayed out are even and cover a large area. The size and amount of the sprayed snow can be adjusted. Suitable for filming, TV stations, theaters and other large performing arts venues.
 Advantage 2:Snow is fluttering in the sky, the effect is quite realistic. With the remote DMX512 control, you can adjust the amount of snowflake jet as you like, and you can find the feeling of snow in the hot summer days.
Advantage 3:
Using the powerful airflow generated by the ultra-high pressure air pump to turn the snowflake oil into the snow of the sky, the effect is quite realistic, the power is more powerful, creating a world full of snow,It is very romantic to use for stage weddings.
We not only have 3000W moving head snow machine, but also 2000W auto snow machine and 1500W snow machine to choose for you.  

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