How to choose the LED Par Light?

How to choose the LED Par Light?


How to choose the LED Par Can Light?

How to choose the LED Par Light?
How to choose the LED Par Light?
Purchasing LED Par Can Light is a science, in order to be able to purchase good quality products in a large number of lighting equipments, it is necessary to start from some basic aspects of the matter as an optional reference. Now let Moown Lighting to introduce to you how to choose the LED Par Light.
1.The color of LED

Regular good quality LED Par Can, their color should be bright and full of color, no noise, no spot, high brightness and so on.
2.LED Lamp and chip
Generally the chip of LED, the 1Watt is 40 x 40; but the 3W is 45×45. Also now the brand of LED lamp is CREE, OSRAM, Tyshine(which is most used), jinxing,etc.

Currently on the market, many manufacturers use less wattage lamp beads to act, for example, 3-watt lamp beads, usually only 1 watt, or 0.7 watts.
3.Power supply
The power supply, you can be identified from the transformer and power tube volume. Always the better quality is relatively large, plump overall and texture, components arranged, producing a good process, the overall look is clean and beautiful.
4.Heat Sink
Don't think that the thinner the better radiator, too thin, then easily cause poor cooling effect.
5.Main Board
The main board of LED Par Can is selection constant drive plate than crossflow plate well, LED lamp life will be longer because the constant drive plate is better to lamp.
Generally, more formal LED Par Can its market price will not be too far behind, if the purchase price is too low and that most likely fake. So from the price can also be a simple judgment.
Through the above points, you may know more clearly how to choose a more cost-effective LED par can light, and hope that here we give to the information you need.