Common faults and solutions for moving head beam lights

Common faults and solutions for moving head beam lights

Common faults and solutions for moving head beam lights

Common faults and solutions for moving head beam lights

The computer moving head beam light is one of the necessary lamps for stage lighting. The engineer or lighting engineer should be familiar with the existence of it.


Common faults and problem analysis. It is a more sophisticated device that integrates electronics, mechanics, and optics.


Environmental, transportation, and use requirements are high, so the failure rate is also high. Now combined with computer moving head beam lights are common


Fault phenomenon, an analysis of the possible causes.


(1) No response at boot


1. Is the power supply normal, and the power cord of the lamp is off?


2. Whether the fuse of the lamp is burnt out;


3. Whether the switching power supply of the lamp has an output voltage.


(2) Booting is not bright


1. First judge whether the bulb is good or bad, check whether the bulb's bubble contact is blown, and whether the bulb itself is broken.




2. Determine whether the lamp output voltage of the main board is normal when the lamp is in the state of bubble, the normal situation is generally


10~12 volts.


3. If the above two points are correct, measure the PFC output (the input end of the lighter) with or without about 380V AC voltage.


Out, if there is an output, it means that the PFC is good, so you can directly determine if there is a problem with the lighter.


After the power is turned on for a period of time, the fixture automatically resets:


1. The output voltage of the switching power supply is unstable;


2. The cable is loose in the line or the pressure line is not pressed, resulting in poor contact, resulting in automatic reset.


(3) The bulb is automatically defoamed


1. The bulb is defoamed, and the bulb is automatically brightened after a while, to see if the cooling system works normally, if the cooling system appears


Failure will cause the temperature inside the lamp to be too high, and the temperature control switch will automatically open to ensure the safe use of the lamp. light


When the electronic lighting is turned off, when the temperature of the lamp body is lowered, it will automatically light up.


2. After the bulb is defoamed, it cannot be automatically brightened: the problem of the bulb itself, the surface of the bulb sphere is white, and the interior is black.


Color, bright bubbles will also appear after a period of time (the end of the lamp life).


3. When the lamp has no control signal for a long time, the automatic protection of the gun will also occur. After the signal is turned on, it will automatically point.




(4) Pattern plate, color plate, prism, focusing, jamming, jitter, and loss of step


1, the card is generally a mechanical cause, this time there will be a phenomenon of color chip stuck: such as pattern plate, color plate deformation,


The loosening of the screws of the fixing parts, the ejection of the spring of the fixed pattern, etc., may cause a jam.


2, jitter and out of step: the screw loose or fall off, the chip on the main board of the channel burned out, the motor line is in poor contact, broken skin


Short circuit to ground, the motor itself is a problem.


Horizontal and vertical (X/Y axis) out of step, not positioned:


1. Excessive dust on the diaphragm causes the infrared light to be out of control;


2, the diaphragm is damaged, the distance between the diaphragm and the diaphragm is not properly adjusted (when excluded, the diaphragm should be in the diaphragm)


In the middle, and do not scratch, touch, smash phenomenon).


(5) The computer shakes the headlights out of sync?



1. If the computer moves the headlights out of sync, please re-program the program and try again;


2. If it still doesn't work, it is possible that a certain function of the motor or one of the motherboard's IC is burned out.


(6): The computer moving head light is not controlled?


1. Check if the address code is logarithm? If the address code is correct but not controlled, check if the three lines of the signal line are connected incorrectly?


And check what is the connection between the card and the card faucet, such as: (poor contact);


2. If the address code is correct, the DMX lamp at the address code will flash normally if there is no problem with the signal line.


Move, if there is no flash, there is a connection failure;


3. Use the same console to connect to another lamp and try it out. If there is no problem, it proves uncontrolled.


The lamp board or display board has failed.


(7) Computer moving head light broken belt?


1. If the X or Y axis of the lamp body does not respond, but the console and other lamps are running normally, there may be a belt break.




2. If the X axis does not move, but the Y axis moves, or the X axis moves, but the Y axis does not move, it is possible that the belt is broken;


3. If any of the above signs appear, you can use the X/Y to move around with the light turned off and feel if there is a belt.


In the driving, if it is very loose and easy to move, it is determined that the belt is broken.