How to choose the most suitable logistics method?

How to choose the most suitable logistics method?

About Shipping
1. Shipping Methods
For stage equipments from China to your destination, we offer air express (operated by FedEX, DHL, UPS, TNT etc/ door to door),  air freight( door to airport), sea freight ( door to harbour) for different shipments.

Air express is suitable for small shipment less than 200kg. Air freight is more competitive price than air express when  shipment is more than 500kg. Sea freight is the cheapest shipping way, but only suitable for shipment more than 3CBM. Also the sea freight time is longer than others.

2. Shipping Terms for Sea Freight
#1  EXW (Ex Works)
Customers must arrange transportation all the way from our factory in Guangzhou to the final destination. And customers are responsible for all export process.

#2  FOB (Free on Board)
As the product price we quoted is EXW, customers need to pay extra FOB cost, depending on total volume of the shipment.

#3  CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)
We arrange delivery to the Port of Destination in customer’s country. But customer need to manage shipping from port to their warehouse, and do the import process.

#4 DDU/DDP (Delivered Duty Unpaid/Paid)
We charge you an all-included shipping price to your destination for air freight and sea freight. You don’t need to find a local custom broker to handle the custom clearance, but just receive the product at home.

In our company, all our price is EXW, so if you need us to ship goods to you, you need to pay for that fee or ask your own shipping agent.

Our Advice:
Usually forwarder will quote very low CIF fee in China, but charge a lot when you pick up cargo at the port of destination, much more than the total cost of using FOB term. If customer have reliable forwarder, FOB or EXW term will be better than CIF.

Delivery days

Air Express(DHL/ FedEX/ UPS/ TNT .etc)
About 4-10days

Highest Cost

Air Freight
About 5-10days

The second higher cost

Sea Freight
About 25-45days

Cheapest Cost

Transport line
Some country has the transport line, it is cheaper than air express and faster than sea.